Wednesday, November 26, 2008

windhorseOne Studios Photo Adventures

Welcome to the blogging journal of the Denver metro area equine fine art photographer Susan Williams and windhorseOne Studios. I decided recently to start journaling about my horse photography and adventures! I have been very busy getting work ready for last weekends show in Denver at the Phipps mansion. I also recently finished my new horse only web site:

Today I took a bit of a break and drove down to Kiowa to see our two new colts. They will be coming home to the mountains after Thanksgiving. They are so much fun to photograph and it is amazing just to watch them! One is so sweet and gentle and the other is bold and a bit of a terror! Can you tell who is who?

Thank you to Deb and Dave Hart, of Hart Friesians, for selling us these amazing and beautiful boys. It is my wish and dream to document them as they grow up and create a children's book.