Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo; Call for Entry - Equine Artists

Prospectus ~ Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2nd Annual Art Show

2011 “Equine Art in the Park” Art Exhibit celebrating the equine spirit through art

Denver Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

March 11th -13th 2011

National Western Complex, Denver CO

Equine Art in the Park is a fine art exhibit celebrating the spirit of the horse. The art show will feature contemporary work including paintings, drawings, photography, pottery, pastel, sculpture, digital, and mixed media.

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo was developed by the Colorado Horse Council, Inc into one of the largest equine events of its kind west of Ohio and we are pleased to announce our 2nd equine art show “Equine Art in the Park”.

The Colorado Horse Council, Inc. is a grass-roots, all-breed, non-discipline specific organization dedicated to linking the horse owners and the horse industry of the State of Colorado into a powerful, common voice in order to protect their common equine interests through legislation and education.

Artwork sales: Artwork must be for sale during the exhibit with a 35% commission to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and 65% commission to the artist. The exhibit area will be manned by RMHE staff to facilitate sales of artwork.

Entry Fee: $25 for up to 3 images submitted on a CD

please contact susan@windhorseone.com for a prospectus

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Beginnings

It's not the things we get but the hearts we touch that will
determine our success in life.

~Mac Anderson

I don't think there is anything as sacred as young babies; human and animal alike. This is my first piece of the new year and it makes me think about new beginnings.

A lot of people I have talked to are very excited about the new year. There is a feeling that people have that amazing things are going to happen. I felt this too as the new year changed..... for some unknown reason I feel it is going to be a special year for all who embrace it as a new beginning.

Like this foal there can also be new growth with a new beginning. New growth can often be painful but often leads to new discoveries.

When we journey with horses we are led to new connections within ourselves and also with others.

Enjoy new beginnings in this new year.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

National Western Stock Show; windhorseOne Studios at Rustic Ranch Relics & Colorado Horse Council booths!

It is time for the exciting 22 day National Western Stock Show in Denver! I am pleased to announce that windhorseOne Studios' line of notecards and small prints can be found in three locations.

Rustic Ranch Relics will have two booths. One in the performance coliseum and also the main exhibit hall.

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Poster ~ Available at the NWSS

Stop by and pick up last years poster for the Rock Mountain Horse Expo....maybe I will be there signing them. They are 18 x 24 inches and printed on a beautiful felt paper. The Colorado Horse Council is located in the education hall and sales of the poster benefit the council.

It has been a lot of fun seeing this poster pop up on otherColorado horsey folks web sites and even their newsletters because they will be exhibiting. It always gives me a little jolt of recognition and then puts a smile on my face. :)

I am also coordinating the 2nd annual RMHE contemporary art exhibit. email me at susan@windhorseone.com for a prospectus.....did I spell that right?!!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Call of the Horse - Audio Book CD

Take a journey with five of today's top equine professional women as they share their personal journeys and the life-changing experiences they have had with the horses.

3 CD Audio Book


Shipping this Jan 2011!

Order pre-shipping and receive Free US shipping AND

Free 5x7 Notecard, suitable for framing, of Excalibur - Spanish Mustang and Reach Out to Horses ambassador and our cover

BONUS Interviews:Coupled with these personal accounts are fascinating interviews with the authors, conducted by Equesse CEO and Publisher, Leah Juarez. Leah is renowned for her commitment to enriching women’s lives through sharing their passion for horses. AND our music is by Templeton Thompson....."A Horse That Can Fly". Yeee haaaw, as Tempe would say!

About The Call of the Horse CD

Horses have been at our side for thousands of years. Since the dawn of civilization they have literally carried us on their backs into a brighter future. But only recently have we begun to understand the gifts, the true partnership we have with these majestic beings, and their role as teachers in our lives.

Our equine companions effortlessly lead us down the path toward our own Souls, showing us the way to fulfilling and heart-led lives. They act as our mirrors, reflecting back to us the courage to carry on in our darkest hour, the authenticity to speak our truth, and our own true nature, to live in the moment, joyously celebrating the miracles that surround us every day.

The Spirit of the horse continues to answer the call of every heart that cries out for freedom, connection and love. Let these stories from Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity with Horses, read by the authors, carry you back to your own True Voice, your own Spirit. Explore the depth, the meaning and the profound lessons our horses have waiting for us, if we are only willing to listen.

The Horses are Calling - written and read by Susan Williams (me! ;0). An artist's inspirational memoir of transformation and commitment as her soul journeyed life's rocky trail while finding its true meaning and artistic expression through the calling of the horse.

Another Chance - written and read by Anna Twinney. The gift of a second chance and the joy that can be found even in the darkest of moments.

Whispers from a Horse's Heart - written and read by Melisa Pearce. Four key life lessons the horses have taught me.

Teaching the Wisdom of the Horse Ancestors - written and read by Wendy Golding. From the horse's perspective, THOR explores this magical journey of horse/human connection opening to a higher consciousness for both.

Crossing the Silly Bridge - written and read by Lisa Arie (Dee). The story of crossing the bridge into the unknown and what happened when Lisa dared to take the journey.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Art of Unity; A Journey of Creation With Horses - Illumination of Awareness

Illumination of Awareness

Happy New Year and all my best to you for a prosperous and healthy 2011! This beautiful white Arabian, Shazi, from my ancient wisdom series is blazing full speed ahead embracing his bright future. He represents "Illumination of Awareness".

I returned to visit my family back east and was delayed from returning home due to poor weather and flight delays. It provided me with an opportunity to reflect and have gratitude for 2010 and all the amazing people I have met and where I am planning on taking my journey of creation with horses.

There is a creative life force within each and every one of us and the more we can access our inner selves and face and know this self, the more we can gain access to this authentic creative self...... illumination of awareness......

Horses connect me to nature and unity and have been my not so gentle at times guide on my journey! It has been a mysterious and fascinating pilgrimage of sorts and has lead me to develop "The Art of Unity; A Journey of Creation With Horses". I learned last year how to combine equine facilitated learning with expressive arts and creative play through horses. When I realized how therapeutic my art creations were for people I wanted a way to share how they could learn creative expression through horses.

I am really excited about this work and will be sharing more with you soon! I am also having a new web site developed so stay tuned!

Big hugs!