Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wildlife Art; Fox Animal Totem Two

Fox Totem Two

Foxes are very clever and blend well into their surroundings. They come out at dusk as the light is changing from lightness to darkness. The fox is highly attuned to his world and has a knack for preparing in advance. Although the fox's ears are small they are highly dialed in.

When our inside worlds don't match our outside worlds it is time to quiet ourselves and listen to and trust our intuition so we can anticipate and create our future!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wildlife Art; Fox Animal Totem

Fox Totem One

This beautiful little soul would come to visit every night a couple of summers ago. We didn't feed him, he was following his daily trail of least resistance along our driveway. We live at the top of a box canyon surrounded by other folks property so we are blessed to have our own sanctuary where bear, deer, fox, and sometimes elk and eagle pass to say hello.

If fox has entered you path then it may be time to experience life with joy and purpose. it may be time to dig deeply, hop on your windhorse to journey and discover what excites you! Enliven your senses and LIVE .... Be your "foxy" self and step out of your camouflage and into the playground of imagination and dreams!