Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Powerbar & Downtown Denver Fine Art Festival; May 28 -31 2010

Well...lots has transpired since my last post and it is my goal to be back in the saddle again! We have traveled to 2 Equine Affaires and also have been to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo where I curated the 1st annual Equine art exhibit. All equine artists - look out for 2011's prospectus in September! I have made lots of new friends - artists and folk who stop by to enjoy my art. My life has been enriched!

This week I will be exhibiting downtown in Denver for the second year. It is the official start of the fine art show season! Woo hoo!


But now for more exciting things....... I am pleased to introduce some new work of mine that has a new look all its own. I have called it "He arrived as Equus". I am fascinated with indigenous culture's relationship to Horse. Many feel the horse transports human's between worlds and this series certainly feels this way to me.
This aging stallion is so unassuming in his paddock yet his life force came alive in front of the lens as he circled the arena searching for his messages.....the scents left behind by those who preceeded him.

Well, I hope you can stop by and see me and say hello!

Bye for now,