Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another on Relationships

Hi Everybody!
I am back from over 2 weeks in glorious Europe where I was able to visit a villa where Andalusian horses are raised in the beautiful country side of Andalusia Spain. What an honor an a privilege. I also became quite a fan of passionate Flamenco dancing, also from that region. More on that in a future blog....

Here is another portrait from the series I submitted on the relationship project. This one has more of a narrative quality to it. One of the things I love about horses is that they have the ability to be mirrors to our own humanity.

This is also true of art. We become engaged with a piece of art because of our own stories. Each person may have a different dialogue with a piece of art which is why I choose to give my work generalized names. It is my desire that each person experiences the work however they choose!

That is all for now! I am still trying to regroup from yesterday's long travel day. I am glad to be home and have lots of news to share!

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