Monday, July 27, 2009

RMRHA Summer Slide Show at the National Western Events Center in Denver, Colorado

I didn't realize it had been 2 weeks since my last post! Whew, the summer is flying by. Life has been really busy the last few weeks as I was getting ready for Zuma's Rescue Ranch fund raiser last Friday night and also a fine art festival this weekend in Boulder.

I did manage to squeeze in a day of photography last Wed. at the Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Assoc. Summer Slide reining event. What a hoot! I met a few friends at the National Western Events Center down in Denver. I seem to be attending quite a few western events lately. Raised back east, I rode hunters but perhaps the CO air has something to do with it!

This golden mare really appealed to me and also my friends. She exudes grace and strength and perhaps I sense a bit of determination in her. Of all the horses I photographed that day, she was the only horse whose owner I was compelled to go down to the barns and find. I might add it took a bit of nudging and prodding but off I went.

I also photographed some mustang foals at Zuma's before I set up my display on Thurs. evening. Zuma's stepped up to the plate and rescued seven mustang horses from the recent Three-Strikes Ranch tragedy and some of them gave birth recently. Thank you to Jodi at Zuma's for working so hard to rescue abused horses and your work with foster children.

I had the good grace to meet a young teen there who loves photography and is so eager to learn. Her name is Felicia and she will be joining me when I go to photograph Melisa Pearce's horses at Lil bit North Ranch in a few weeks.

Life is good! Live, love, and horse at a time, one human at a time, one day at a time.

Yours in the dance,
windhorseOne Studios

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PVC said...

Hi Sue! I love your comment: "Life is good! Live, love, and horse at a time, one human at a time, one day at a time."
Very nice! Your photos are also amazing. Who knew that those photography classes at Raritan Valley Community College would lead to this?! Beautiful work!
p.s. I'm volunteering with Silicon Valley Children's Fund ( benefiting foster children in Silicon Valley. Nice to see we're still connected - horses, photography and great causes.