Sunday, July 5, 2009

Snowmass Rodeo Western Wednedays: Snowmass Village Colorado

I returned home Fri. eve. from 6 days in Snowmass and Aspen Colorado. I attended a photo/painting hybrid class at Anderson Ranch. What a blast! So much happened in the last week I still have not stopped spinning!

While we were there we went to the Snowmass Rodeo Western Wednesdays which is held every week during the summer. I haven't gone to a rodeo in quite some time and I hoped to get some cowboy shots. But being an avid horse photographer I am happy to say I did manage to get some liberty shots. Nothing makes me happier than watching a beautiful horse run around freely without any tack.

Meet Hannah Montana, a beautiful bay mare. They let Hannah run loose in the arena while they told the crowd a little bit about the bucking horses. You see, Hannah is a bucking bronc and while it may appear so - I was not in the arena with her!

I don't believe she ever came out of the chutes that night which I was grateful for. I want to remember her like this and not with the whites of her eyes showing and her mouth wide open as she thrashes about wildly to remove the man on her back. I read in Monty Robert's book that broncs are prize animals that are well cared for and actually love their jobs. You can see by the pic. that she is in fabulous shape but you could have fooled me about the loving their jobs part. Well maybe the part about unleashing the cowboy!



Sketched on a Canvas said...

Oh goodness, that poor horse. Nothing against Hannah Montana, but I wouldn't name a horse after her, haha.

But wow, she's handsome. This is a great shot; it's like she's breaking the fourth wall and looking at the viewer. Pretty neat!

susan Williams said...

Hi and thanks! I agree, I wouldn't name her that either. Somehow it wasn't fitting.

She is big and strapping and handsome is quite appropriate.