Monday, April 25, 2011

Gypsy Soul & Spirit; More Magic

Gypsy Soul & Spirit

There is something I love about the nomadic spirit the gypsy lifestyle conjures up for me. Brad and I just returned from an amazing 4-day road trip through Colorado. The open road is often a time of inspiration and new ideas for me. I can come home tired and overwhelmed from all the miles behind a windshield but this time I said "NO" to overwhelm and after I checked all the emails I sat down to work on this new Gypsy Vanner creation.

You see, we choose to create our realities and I often choose overwhelm and lack of focus; a sticky mucky place that feels familiar and yucky. Although I have many administration tasks talking to me and weighing me down like a ball and chain.......I choose to move into the unknown throes of creativity and joy for they never let me down. And that ball and it is made of platinum and diamonds!

We left Denver last Thurs, returning last night after stopping in Pagosa springs, Durango, Ouray, Ridgeway, Grand Juction, Breckenridge and Idaho Springs! Oh my! We never know where we are going to stay or whom we will meet!

We were setting up a new account at Willowcreek Crossing, a fine furnishing store in Ridgeway when a young teen called Lori came in and was smitten with my work as we were unpacking the boxes! She fell in love with and purchased one of my Pegasus pieces, which the shop owners were not purchasing, and we are now Facebook friends. Lots of smiles here, can you see me grinning from ear to ear??!! Road trips can be tiring but it is life's little gems like meeting Lori that are the rewards of my work.

Today I am artist and creator of all things beautiful; and that means in all aspects of my life and not only my fine art creations. I choose to live today like the Magician, living my dream, and not fall into the archetype of the Orphan which can feel so familiar at times.

Joy to you on your journey!

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