Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Art of Unity; A Journey of Creation With Horses - Illumination of Awareness

Illumination of Awareness

Happy New Year and all my best to you for a prosperous and healthy 2011! This beautiful white Arabian, Shazi, from my ancient wisdom series is blazing full speed ahead embracing his bright future. He represents "Illumination of Awareness".

I returned to visit my family back east and was delayed from returning home due to poor weather and flight delays. It provided me with an opportunity to reflect and have gratitude for 2010 and all the amazing people I have met and where I am planning on taking my journey of creation with horses.

There is a creative life force within each and every one of us and the more we can access our inner selves and face and know this self, the more we can gain access to this authentic creative self...... illumination of awareness......

Horses connect me to nature and unity and have been my not so gentle at times guide on my journey! It has been a mysterious and fascinating pilgrimage of sorts and has lead me to develop "The Art of Unity; A Journey of Creation With Horses". I learned last year how to combine equine facilitated learning with expressive arts and creative play through horses. When I realized how therapeutic my art creations were for people I wanted a way to share how they could learn creative expression through horses.

I am really excited about this work and will be sharing more with you soon! I am also having a new web site developed so stay tuned!

Big hugs!

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