Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zumas Rescue Ranch & Big Dogs Huge Paws Spa Day Feb 19th 2011

Join me at Zuma's Rescue Ranch on Saturday Feb 19th from 11 am - 3 pm. Iwill be there taking photographs of the dogs as part of the fundraiser.

The ranch is beautiful, their mission is wonderful and so are the folks Jodi and Paul M! To learn more about this fun doggie spa day please visit:

Call 303-346-7493 to register in advance; limited to 50 dogs.

Photo Sessions
Bake Sale & Lunch
Agility Course
Petting Zoo
Washing Station
much more!

From Zuma's site:
In today's fast paced world the voiceless members of society, children and animals are falling through the cracks and finding themselves neglected and or abandon in some way or another.

At risk youth are landing themselves in prison after leaving their group homes, foster care homes or family homes. We as a society have become so busy we are leaving the children to raise themselves. We want a quick diagnosis for behavior issues and medication to sedate the child rather that taking the time to parent and nurture.

Horses are helpless to mans reckless breeding practices and brought into this world with no plan for a future, many of these horses are neglected from the day they hit the planet. Pregnant mares are left with no care during the pregnancy and the foals are often sent to slaughter in utero as breeders decide they have more horses than they care to feed and nurture.

For these children and horses bouncing from home/herd to home/herd is normal place, these children and horses never learn to bond with other beings. Consistency is so important in any young impressionable children or horses.

At Zuma's we pair these wayward souls in a nurturing healing manner and together they learn to trust and love one another. Once trust of the horse/ child pair is accomplished we can move into learning to love and nurture themselves and others.

Only with trust and love developed can we begin teaching the basic life skills necessary to succeed in today's world.


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