Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Excalibur and Anna

Excalibur and Anna

This is one of several hundred shots I took of Anna Twinney and her mustang Excalibur or "X" as she fondly calls him. Anna is one of the ten authors in the Horse as Teacher book and we met this summer, post publishing, when she came to meet me at my art fair in Boulder.

Later that month I went to visit the Colorado Horse Rescue and while the director was showing me around a buckskin in a corral caught my eye from afar. I was transfixed by his presence. It turns out he belonged to Anna and she was at CHR teaching that day. X is a Spanish mustang from Wyoming and I can never seem to remember all the details.....sigh....must be a sign of age.

An internationally respected natural horsemanship clinician, animal communicator, and Reiki Master, Anna has been featured on television, writes for national and international magazines, and is the creator of the "Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship" DVD series. Formerly the Monty Roberts Learning Center's head instructor, Anna teaches people how to create genuine, trust-based partnerships with their horses. I have had the good fortune to watch her work her gentle magic during a round pen session.

Well to make a long story short I was so mesmerized by X and also the American mustangs I was itching to photograph him. Anna graciously accepted. While I have lots of great shots of X by himself I was so impressed when Anna hopped up on his back without an iota of tack I had to work on this first! Not even a neck rope!

I bet you think she has been schooling him for a while and several days a week.....WRONG! What is even more impressive is he is only three so this is a wonderful example of the willing partnership a person can have with their horse.

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Adam Lathan Edwards said...

just a note that anna horse is not a "mustang" as most know it but an amazing breed that is called Spanish Mustang. google it you will find amazing horses there. also look up American Heritage Horse Association or the list goes on and on.....amazing and very different horses

Hapi said...

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