Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Tribute to Scooter: A One in a Million Horse

Recently I shared a blog about the fun and excitement of photographing the horses at Melisa P's Lil Bit North Ranch with my friend Molly. I asked her to be a guest blogger and share a bit about her experiences with Scooter since she met him last fall at a retreat for women and was able to experience the magical and powerful therapeutic healing from him...she was "Touched by a Horse". is with a deep sense of sadness and loss that Melisa and Touched by a Horse unexpectedly lost Scooter in the wee hours of Sunday morning. She told me it was love at first sight when she saw first laid eyes on Scooter, immediately purchasing him to become her world class reining partner and then future co-facilitator of their very important healing work. People travel from all over the country to experience Melisa's work.

This is the first of a trilogy of blogs that we are dedicating to Scooter, a horse who has touched the heart and influenced many of our lives.

Dear Melisa,

It sounds so flat -but I will miss Scooter so much. It is hard to think of working in the arena without him there. Scooter was my first horse-healer, my patient "horse body language" teacher, and my first catch, bridle and lead horse. He was the first real horse I ever got to love thanks to you. He will always be my horse-angel anchor, my inspiration and the foundation for all the speaking, writing and personal equine supported work I will ever do in this world. Because of Scooter and you, Melisa, I can fully engage in the realm of horse supported coaching. He helped me transmute personal pain into forgiveness in one remarkable healing session, he made me laugh when he knocked on his stall when he wanted to "work", he made me smile when he snuffled and nibbled on my hair, he amazed and delighted me when he did his chakra clearing work, and he never, ever let me drift from the present moment when I was with him. He reinforced my now ingrained pattern of grounding myself before entering his safe, wonderful bubble of energy, always responding by coming to me when I went in his stall to ask if he "wanted to go to work for Mom". I treasure all the moments you allowed me to be with him. I will never forget Scooter's kindness, his mischevious nibbling of clothing, those great yawns of release, his smiling at all those 13 year old girls, and his noises of joy at the short bursts of amazing speed I got to witness at the photo shoot with Susan. He steadied me and gave me the confidence to proceed with the Certification Program as I built upon my seemingly hopeless zero horse knowledge. Through Spirit and his picture, he gave me the name of my business which is how I will forever think of him....with Unbridled Gratitude. The only way I can honor his memory is to do the best work I can and to tell the most people I can about the miracles of human/horse healing. I feel a call to action from his passing and renewed confidence to go on with the support of his guiding spirit. I am sure he crossed over in his prime to be the great Recruiter of Healing Horses and Willing Human Participants--who better to know just what and who you need for your work? I feel he will be our spirit guide to being in just the right place at the right time always for the connections with horses and humans who will help us take this work to the world.

I'm sending you Love and Light and great Gratitude for caring for and sharing Scooter with me and so many others. His passing brings us all to a new beginning of sorts, a space to take a deep breath and go forward with a clear vision of what a necessary gift this work will be to the world.



Terri said...

Susan and Molly - what a magnificant tribute to our special friend and teacher, Scooter. Molly, I could not have said it any better or more eloquently than what you have written - from your heart and soul. And Susan - your work continues to astound me! To say that you truly capture the spirit of equus is an understatement. It is an honor and pleasure to have you as my friends and fellow herd mates. I am blessed by you both. Terri

susan Williams said...

Hi Terri...I am humbled by your kind words. I too am honored and will miss you next week.

jane augenstein said...

What a beautiful tribute to such a magnificent horse! So sad the he is gone on but I am sure he will be waiting for all those who loved him. It breaks me heart to know that someday I too will have to go through losing my horse and I can't imagine the pain of that loss...the loss that you are feeling now.
Jane and Gilly