Thursday, September 3, 2009

Touched By A Horse: QT's Portrait

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everybody for adopting my artwork for your homes or businesses last month! My horses love finding appreciating homes where folks dote on them....and they don't eat much! HA! LOL!! :)

Well... I finally was able to start working on this piece of QT for Melisa Pearce and her Touched By A Horse biz at good ole Lil Bit North Ranch. This is actually a side of QT I have never experienced except through the lens of my camera. He is often busy doing experiential round pen work with his clients. He is a great horse to use if people need to better their leadership, communication, and assertion skills. He just loves to run circles around them with his cute little nose rudely pointing away from them! To connect with QT you must first gain his respect.

QT has such amazing presence and energy. He certainly caught my eye the first time I saw him. Perhaps it is the look of eagles that he has in his eye.

Take good care and until next time.......
windhorseOne Studios

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