Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Tribute to Scooter: A Great Friend

So here it is...the second tribute of three. Three is a special number for Melisa as well as myself. Also special to the Touched By A Horse certification program is Peggy M, one of our coaches who keeps us on track and holds a space for us at our "Core" training sessions while we learn, laugh, and cry. Scooter was our teacher who patiently (and sometimes not so patiently!) gave himself to us so that we could learn to become interns. Peggy and her husband Bob, also a TBAH team member, have become like friends and family to many of us in the program.

From Peggy:

Scooter was playful and serious at once. He was gentle and bold. A tease who stirred humor in my core, easing me into my personal Work. I knew that he knew my Being – often better than I. And I trusted his Knowing. Thus he became my friend, my teacher and my healer.

Scooter moved in the world with purpose. He was always ready to do the Work and “got his nose out of joint” when instead of him one of his herd mates was chosen to do a piece of healing with a client. He always wanted to be a part of the action!

His energy held me and gifted me with knowing how we beings are all connected. Everyone in his Presence became more aware of their oneness. And all who are blessed by Scooter’s life walk in the world with more purpose, holding space anew for all beings.

Scooter showed up in the world with an open and full heart. His spirit and energy are within me always -- to guide, to bring smiles and to inspire me to walk in the world moment to moment with abundant love and gratitude.

You will be missed by the herd Scooter but we know you will be always be watching over us and guiding us.

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