Monday, February 16, 2009

Black Messenger

Once again it is late in the evening when I find the time to work on one of my photographs. It was just last year when I was exhibiting my work at the Art at the Classic at the Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley, Ca. that I fell in love with the Friesian horse. As exhibitors, we were given a free ticket to an evening show. My breath was taken away when a team of six Friesians entered the ring. That was all it took and I was immediately hooked. Somehow I was immediately transported back in time to the medieval ages. It was an amazing site to see all six horses moving in sync!

We were busy at the show but I did manage to sneak out for about an hour and go back to the barns to take some photographs. I have read somewhere that the black horse is a metaphor for a messenger of esoteric knowledge. You have to wonder what this fine animal is thinking. There is such wisdom in its eye. The Friesian breed certainly is the horse of kings (and of course queens!).

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