Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boys will be Boys

These are my two young colts horsing around in the field a few weeks before I brought them to the mountains. Recently I was notified by Equine Wellness magazine that this picture was awarded 6th place and will be published in their March/April issue! Woo hoo, what an honor! The contest called for photos of people's horses. I know I am partial but I have to admit that they are way too cute. :)

They look like brothers but they are not related. The standing colt is called Kairos and the lad on top is Zephyr. They are both named after Greek gods. Zephyr is the god of the gentle west winds and Kairos is the god of time (Cronos is also a god of time and that is where chronological comes from). Kairos is symbolic for instances with small windows of time where there is an opening and one must act with gusto or lose the opportunity.

This was actually a pivotal point in these boys lives. Normally Kairos would be pestering Zephyr, who is so sweet and gentle. But Zephyr has decided he has had enough! And if you knew the two then you couldn't really blame him. They absolutely adore one another and are inseparable!

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