Sunday, February 22, 2009

Of Horses and Dogs

Meet Foose. I can never remember if he is a border collie or Australian sheep dog mix. Any way I am not too sure it is important. He is absolutely gorgeous! All I know is that with horses there must also be dogs. At least there have been wherever my horses have been. Dogs have come and gone in my life and right now I am sad to admit I am dogless. With a busy art show schedule it is easy when your horses are boarded but it is not as easy to board your dog. Yes it easy in the sense that you can drop them off at a kennel but I have never really had the heart for that.

But on the bright side I get to see Foose and his girl Scout. Scout has had some leg problems lately and I do not have any photos of her but she is equally as spectacular! What I love about Foose is his wonderful vigor for life. When I arrive at the farm (I am from the east where we say farm but now I am in Colorado so I guess I should say ranch!) he comes flying down helter skelter to greet me. He loves to jump up to say hello but if it is muddy he is a gentleman when I tell him down. Foose found his forever home after a former guardian decided it was too much effort to continue to feed him. I guess I can't imagine somebody coming to decide something like that.

If there is one thing I have to say about Foose, it is that besides being an amazing companion, he takes his herding responsibilities quite seriously! And while he is very much the serious fella about this, sometime the horses think he is a pest and will chase him! He is quite the tenacious guy though and often his patience wins out. I have to admit that I love photographing dogs as much as I love photographing horses. Really, the two are inseparable!

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