Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mare and Foal Magic; Universal Motherhood

She's gentle and strong, generous and forgiving, a perfect mom and drop dead beautiful. Was this your mom? Maybe or maybe not. I am willing to bet that for many, the answer is probably not. I bring this up because of a recent workshop I attended where there was an amazing group of women who were brave and shared truths honestly about themselves in order that they could grow, learn, and provide a higher quality of service to their clients.

Did I forget to tell you this mother has long flowing hair, four legs and can run like the wind.......

I just love the energy of spring and all it bring; new growth and new foals! Like little children, foals grow and change so quickly. There is something about babies that brings a smile to everyone's face and animal babies are no exception.

With that I thought I would share a few new mare and foal pics. and share some joy! If we animals all share one thing in common I would have to say it is universal motherhood.

Yours in the dance,
windhorseOne Studios


Danielle Barlow said...

What beautiful photos! The sight of a mare and foal never fails to make my heart soar!

susan Williams said...

Hi Danielle,
Thank you! It is sooo true! But then all horses make my heart soar! :)