Monday, June 8, 2009

Touched By A Horse Workshop & Melisa Pearce

This weekend I participated in an Intuitive Awareness workshop at Melisa Pearce's Lil Bit North Ranch in Niwot Colorado. I recently met Melisa who founded Touched By A Horse; programs inspired by relationships with horses combined with her background in psychotherapy. The programs integrate time with horses and also deep personal exploration. Melisa is one of the ten authors in the Horse as Teacher book which is how we met. Check out her wonderful website at

As we all know, horses are highly intuitive creatures and rely heavily on their senses for self preservation. While we humans have intuition, we rarely trust or listen to it! One of the fascinating aspects of this weekends workshop was being able to watch the horse/human dynamics and how the same horse related to different people. I will be returning later in the week to photograph a participants horse and also some of Melisa's amazing animals. She loves Paints and has a three time World champ. This woman is amazing and does it all!

Melisa also graciously allowed me to bring some of my work to show and sell to the participants. It gave people an opportunity to bring home a horse they identified with that would help them savor and warmly remember the event. Thank you Melisa for your generosity!

I felt the image above is a good representation for this blog. There is somewhat of a mystical and contemplative quality to it. After seeing so many women's hearts being "touched by a horse", who said horses aren't mystics!!!

Yours in the dance,
windhorseOne Studios


Sketched on a Canvas said...

I've always thought that horses have some other worldly power (or something to that extent). Just being around them does wonders. I volunteered for a hippotherapy class while I was taking classes at college and it was quite a sight.

susan Williams said...

It is true. Horses have an amazing ability to help people transform their lives. There are reports of autistic children, who were classified as being untreatable, that were able to lead more normal lives after learning to ride.