Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Western Art Show: Artist Talk

Center for the Arts, Evergreen CO

The opening of the Center for the Arts juried Western Art Show last Friday had a fairly full house. This was their first exhibition devoted entirely to artwork that is representative of western culture and heritage, sponsored by Southwest Art Magazine. It featured a combination of cowboy themed art, Native American portraits, Native American still life, western wildlife art, and western landscapes. This exhibition will coincide with the Evergreen Rodeo, which is June 19 th-21 st. It was fun to have a rep. from SW Art mag. there however they don't acknowledge photographers!

I have to share something fun with you but you must promise to keep a secret..... the image I have hanging there right now of the two horses playing are actually dressage horses and not western horses. It must have been the appie with the blanket!

Well today was fun. I returned to the gallery to give a brown bag lunch talk with two of the other artists. At first I wasn't sure what I was going to talk about since I really don't consider myself a western artist but an artist from the west. Once I started talking about my mustang work the rest was history and time flew by. I just love meeting other artists and hearing about their process and just plain sharing with other people in general!

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Sketched on a Canvas said...

Oh a western art show would be perfect for me! I'm actually repainting my room for a country style theme and I bet some of those paintings would have been perfect.

And don't worry, you secret is safe with me ;]