Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Spirit of Andalusia

I have been home for two weeks now from my trip to Europe. Every year my mother takes me and my sister on a cruise around several amazing countries in Europe. This year it was Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, and France. Mom lost her leg to melanoma 4 years ago so she needs my help to tour the cities. You don't see me complaining! But if you ever see somebody pushing a wheelchair at warp speed (to keep up with the guides) down the cobblestone streets of Belgium - then it may be me!

There was an amazing trip to Andalusia to visit a villa where they raise famous bulls for bullfighting and also world class horses, also for bullfighting. I learned that when a matador is standing that means he probably comes from little to no money. When the matador is mounted they have come from wealth and if there is any goring going on it is probably the poor horse that takes the hit. Think about it - the price of these animals is amazing. Well I have to admit I am not a fan of bullfighting so I missed a good part of the tour to photograph the horses. What a pitty! LOL!!

The white stallion was tied in his stall and had probably already been ridden. The manners on these animals are amazing and we were allowed to enter the stall. The owner of the villa is associated with the Spanish Riding School so all the horses are trained in classical dressage.

This amazing stallion was tied up outside in a cobblestone courtyard. He is also an Andalusian but is an uncommon bay color. What a surprise awaited us...... We continued on the tour and visited an indoor arena where they train the bulls to become more aggressive. We then went on to the indoor arena where the horses were ridden and we were treated to a demonstration of how a horse is trained and prepared for bullfighting by this fine horse and the owner of the villa!

The tour continued for a tapa lunch complete with a Flamenco dancing show followed by a tour of a sherry winery. What an amazing day! I can still feel the passion of the horses and the dancers.

I will post some mare and foal pictures soon and maybe a pic or two of the villa so you can get an idea of what this place was like. Also, if I can find my note paper I will tell you the name of the villa.

There is something about the baroque horses that has me captivated.

Bye for now!


Toni Whitney said...

This just melts me!!! How gorgeous!

susan Williams said...

Thank you so much Toni!