Friday, August 14, 2009

Molly Thanks Scooter or is it Vice Versa?

Yesterday I had the great fortune to have my good friend Molly assist me while I photographed Scooter, QT, and Shadow. It was quite a surprise to find her at the barn when I arrived! Melisa asked if it would be OK if she tended to some paperwork while I photographed the horses. Not only was it OK it was great!

There seems to be a synergistic flow between Molly and me. While I only met her a short three or four months ago it feels as though she has been a friend all of my life. Without her assistance yesterday the shoot would have been was hot and humid and the horses all dropped their heads immediately to pick and chew on weeds. She kept their energy up and they all expressed their true spirit in many different ways.

Molly has been graced with experiencing the healing power of each of these three horses and maybe I will see if she would write a guest Blog about them. This shot was taken at the end, back at the barn where we thanked each of the horses for sharing their spirit with us.

I can't tell if Scooter is smiling or kissing Molly!

Have a super weekend!

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