Thursday, August 13, 2009

QT, Scooter, Shadow: Melisa Pearce's "Touched By A Horse" Boys

This morning was spent photographing three former champion reiners who now have new jobs in life. And yes I do take normal photographs! I once handed a client her proofs and she just stared quietly at them, finally looking up and saying softly..."These don't look anything like your work". LOL!

But back to these amazing guys, who are not old and retired but average aged that have experienced career changes in life that they embrace and love. Career changes are not just for people!

Each one of these handsome boys have become a therapeutic healer. Melisa is a psychotherapist who uses horses extensively in her work. These are her personal show horses who no longer perform at World championships but work their magic on her clients and other folks who show up from all over the country to participate in one of many equine experiential learning workshops she offers at her Lil Bit North Ranch in Longmont CO.

I have been very fortunate to share and sell my art at her workshops. People leave the ranch wanting to bring home a "horse" to solidify their experience so Melisa and I felt it would be more powerful and meaningful if they were able to bring home a representation of her horses whom they worked with. This is a fun and exciting project! I also photographed Kathy Pike's horses (Coaching With Horses) a couple of weeks ago for the same purpose. This is a very worthwhile project that may continue to help people with their healing process when they leave the magic of the ranch and return to their mainstream life.

I will continue to share more about this artwork as it develops.

Enriching the life of humans and horses one day at a time......

Yours in the dance,
windhorseOne Studios


Molly said...

I was privileged to be in the arena with Melisa's boys, Scooter, Shadow and QT, as Susan captured their amazing spirits on film yesterday. The flow of creative energy and raw horse energy was electrifying. Thank you to both Susan and Melisa for allowing me to be a witness to the process of getting images of these remarkable horses on film.
As a fellow Intern with Susan in Melisa's Certification Program, I know first hand what these photographs will mean to those who are touched in their sessions by these horses. These images will indeed be a visual and tangible reminder to reconnect with that powerful in the moment feeling of being grounded, safe, accepted and healed. For those who experience sessions with these horses and take an image home, it will be something they can hold in their hands, and tap into the alchemy, the magic they felt when with these heart healing horses.
Molly Campbell

susan Williams said...

Gosh Molly! Thank you for so eloquently putting to words what these amazing horses so graciously do for so many people. Many thanks for your assistance in the arena for without it these images would not have been possible.