Friday, April 10, 2009

Horse as Teacher Book: Status Update

Today has been a most frustrating day....I decided to create a Facebook listing for windhorseOne Studios and I ended up making multiple pages on one email address. Ugh! I am normally pretty software savvy and it was only after a whole day of making entries I realized I had made a "friend" listing and not a business listing so now I have 2 FB pages under one email.

Well, on to other things as I am a bit punchy right now! My new book Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity Through Horses was sent off to the publisher this week. It is right on track for a mid-May delivery. Yeah! I am really excited about being an author of my first book.

This book is coming out with a wave of other equine spiritually related books like Kathy Pike's Hope: From the Heart of Horses and Mark Rashid's new one too (Whole Heart Whole Horse; Building Trust Between Horse and Rider). Both are from Colorado too by the way!

The chapter I contributed was about how my life paralleled the lives of the wild mustangs in both their native habitat and also captivity and how the imagery I captured mirrored and transformed my life. When I woke up and realized it!

I would like to share a few excerpts from my chapter "The Horses Are Calling...." with you:

"Meanwhile the horses had waited patiently in that darkness, waiting to be unleashed with all their creative unbridled energy. They were on call, ready to assist me. I could leap onto their backs, to take off on my pilgrimage of reawakening and wholeness harnessing their strength while infusing their energy. Truth be told, it was time to allow, but even more than that, time to trust myself and give myself permission to be guided back on my life's journey; reclaiming my creative birthright by rekindling the ash-shrouded, softly-glowing embers of my passion for the horses.

Leaving the fancy jet-setting marketing career behind took courage, but the horses long corralled and buried in the past were anxious to emerge and share their messages. The images that evolved in the Windhorse series had been hidden in my memory and were now appearing as guides; courage, destiny, spirit, and others. What unfolded in the upcoming months was a sequence of events where my Windhorse would fly down from above, grab me, toss me onto her back, and I would return to my path of the horse with such intensity I would be spinning.

The artwork that evolved was laying a solid foundation for the powerful and rich excavation of my soul that was yet to come. And while I naievly thought I was done healing, this was just the beginning. If there was one thing I was sure about, it was that I wanted to create and share with the world beautiful works of art with the voices of the horses that would elevate people's levels of consciousness; the gift the horses had given to me. To fully reflect this in my creations, I had to be in union with my true self and listen to my heart, which connected intimately with the horses. In this connection there is an awareness of the timeless essence of the universe within and without, while simultaneously networked to all other beings like a gossamer web. Sharing this with the world through my creations was extremely important to me, and I hoped that the Windhorses would help others find the infinite silence within themselves and heal. My burning desire was to help both horses and people with my artwork. But I was still lacking much needed clarity."

There are 9 more poignant and touching stories from women about how horses have touched their lives - each a life lesson shared and to be learned.

The price of the book is $19.95 and I am offering free shipping as well as signed copies for any order placed pre-release. In addition I am including a free 5" x 7" notecard with envelope of one of my beautiful prints that has a retail value of $4.00. This makes a great gift for any horse lover in your life! or of course yourself!

To order your copy now click HERE on this secure PayPal link

Thanks! and bye for now,

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