Sunday, April 12, 2009

windhorseOne Studios: New Work

Original Workup

I hope everybody had a happy Easter! I was sooo busy prepping all my new note cards today so I can run down to the printer tomorrow that I forgot it was Easter until later this afternoon!

Last night I started on this piece. I rarely create imagery with people in it but I am prepping some work for the Coors Western Exhibit held in Denver each year at the annual National Stock Show. They only take 2 photographers and they seem to rotate them out. They also take very few contemporary artists but YES they do accept them. This is an amazing show and much of the art sells on the red carpet opening night. I do have working stock horses in some of my work I can use but I dug this photo out of some folder on my hard drive and decided it was perfect.

This was taken last fall out at Return to Freedom at their annual fundraiser. I was exhibiting there and they had all the exhibitors in a circle around the show so we were able to watch. There were some amazing performances. They have a similar image on their web site so I cruised on over to check it out and I saw the man's name so I googled him. Turns out he his name is David Midthunder and he is an actor! It was a public event with all sorts of press and I never thought I would be using this image so of course I never asked for a model release! The good news is he has an email on his site so I can email him about using the picture.

I did some cropping to remove his identity and low and behold I think I like this version better! It leaves so much more to the imagination.

Workup Two

Here is a third version with some different cropping.

Workup Three

Let me know if any of these tickle you more than the other!

Have a great week!
windhorseOne Studios

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Danielle Barlow said...

The original is great, but I think I like the second one the best!