Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adventure of Zephyr & Kairos: Boys Games

Like most young boys these colts are no different - they love to play with sticks! Meet Scooter. He is a little Peruvian Paso who tries to play with Zephyr and Kairos. Just like children, sometimes they exclude him from the fun. Today Zephyr has a stick and seems to want to try to pass it to Scooter.

Kairos is minding his own business behind Scooter which is very unusual for Kairos. He is Mr. Mastermind the busybody. Scooter is starting to approach Zephyr. You want to play with me? he seems to say.

Turning quickly Zephyr says if you want it come and get it. Ha, Ha fooled you! What a tease that Zephyr is. And little Scooter seems a bit displeased. I can't say I blame him.

This is a close up where you can see Scooter is saying Hey, play fair!

Stay tuned for more on the next adventures of Kairos and Zephyr!
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Totally Timmy said...

What beautiful horses. My arab Dante use to pick up a stick and hit his buddy Paul with funny.

Grayman returns said...

You may well say that Zephyr is the gentle god of the west wind and Kairos is Mr. Curiosity.
Their personality comes out strongly there.
I'll look forward to the next adventures of Kairos and Zephyr with pleasure.
(From Tokyo, Japan: Please forgive my poor English.)

susan Williams said...

The adventure of Kairos and Zephyr are fun. I don't always have new wok to post but I always have plenty of photos of the boys to post. It is my pleasure to post them!

susan Williams said...

They are too funny and yes I have a pic of Kairos poking the stick at Scooter. They area joy to watch!