Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adventures Of Zephyr and Kairos

Everyday when I need a break I go out and visit my two colts Zephyr and Kairos. We go for short walks together which is giving us time to develop a strong bond and relationship. I have had people ask "Wouldn't I rather be riding?" and while the answer is yes I would love to be riding I have found it very rewarding to bring my own horses along very slowly. Riding is one of the many benefits we share with our equine friends but there are so many other rewarding activities we can do with them. I have been horseless for about seven years now and somehow these two seemed to have found me. I wasn't in the market for one horse and ended up with two!

It is amazing and fun to watch how their personalities develop. Little Zephyr on the left, (he is not so little!), always was very quite and has an amazingly sweet eye. He is more food motivated than Kairos and out runs him to come collect his good-bye treats. He has also become very animated lately and uses his mouth quite a bit to perform. I sat and watched him sticking his tongue out for quite a while and finally had to tear myself away, but not before taking a few photos. I left grinning from ear to ear and as always re-energized. Horses have a way of doing that to us don't they?!

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Grayman returns said...

It is as you say.
I also feel that your little Zephyr has an amazingly sweet eye.
(From Tokyo, Japan: Please forgive my poor English.)