Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Appaloosa Portrait

I started working on a series of Appaloosa images this week. I have always had a soft spot for appies as I used to have an appy/TB cross. I had always wanted a black app with a white blanket and black spots. What I bought was a black app with about seven white spots and a white star. She was only seven months old. What I didn't know was that she would get lighter! By the time she was three she was a silver grey with a white mane and tail, a white blanket and black spots.

This image is a bit of a departure from my normal work. I decided to try some color. The color is subdued but nonetheless there. It is not that I am afraid of working with color but that I was primarily a B&W photographer for years so most of my work seems to be predominantly monochromatic.

This was a bit of an experiment and quite fun. I have to admit I am a bit all over the map lately but it seems that if I just go with the flow and allow the image to evolve on its own then it seems to work out in the end! I am not sure if I am finished with it. Normally I let them sit for a day or two and often find I can enhance them further but I liked this enough to post.

There is another one I will post when it is complete.

Hmmm, I just noticed my last three posts are all pointing to the left.....wonder if that means anything? LOL!

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