Sunday, March 8, 2009

Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity With Horses Book- Part 3

After The Gathering: Number XXX4

I have finished my contributing chapter for "Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity" and it has been edited and returned to me for final approval. Everything is right on track! I had to choose an image to go with the chapter so I chose this one. It is called After the Gathering: NumberXXX4. ATG is a series about the gathering and tragic captivity of America's wild horses. XXXX is symbolic for the number tag that hangs from the horses neck.

There are so many photographers who are doing a fabulous job photographing the mustangs in their natural environment that I decided to turn my lens to the horses who no longer have their freedom

The gaze of this horse meets you eye to eye, soul to soul for the eye is a portal into the soul. The chapter I wrote is one of contemplation and personal transformation resulting from the horses mirroring my psyche back to me. Pretty powerful and amazing stuff if we are open and receptive to it!

Happy Monday!
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Grayman returns said...

I have understood from today's article very well.
And your opinion gradually dawned on my mind.
(From Tokyo, Japan: Please forgive my poor English.)

susan Williams said...

Thanks for stopping by Grayman! I am glad you understood my thoughts. :)