Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Almost an Appaloosa!

Today was almost a wash for working on any images. The whole day up until an hour ago was spent working on my website; adding PayPal buttons on a Flash site is a wee bit challenging if a person wants to have a shopping cart. Every time I went back to create a new button in PayPal it had logged me off. Quite annoying but for my own security I suppose. And then there was dealing with the folks at PayPal which was a bit frustrating. Lots of time on hold while they searched their databases for an answer! I do like being able to work on my own site for the simple reason the turnaround time is as quick as I want it to be!

Mid-afternoon I did escape and go spend time with the horses. Always refreshing!

I received news yesterday that I was accepted into Denver's Downtown Art Festival this year. It is held in May and this year is its 11th year. This will be my first big juried show and also non-horse event where I am showing my work. In April I will be at Dressage for the Cure in Colorado Springs and in June at Polo for the Cure in Littleton. Lots to do to get ready!

My other website features dogs, horses, and graphic design. It is a bit of a hodgpodge and I wanted to update some of my dog work. I particularly like this dalmatian with the patchy snow in the background. It plays nicely off of his coat. This piece has sat unfinished for a while but tonight it seemed to all come together.

Well I must say it is late as usual and I can tell the sandman is arriving so until next time!
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