Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adventures of Zephyr and Kairos

I am thinking of branching "The Adventures of Zephyr and Kairos" to their own Blog but for now they will remain here. While I am relatively new to this whole social media thing (and it is a blast!) it still requires a fair amount of time and effort to set all these things up! And like most artists I would rather be creative than a techie. Most of my life has been in the tech industry and I thought I had left software (other than Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Painter) behind for ever! What a rude awakening! OK enough of the diversion.

Colorado weather can be really extreme but I wouldn't have it any other way. This day started out warm, and bright and sunny. There was a 50% chance of snow and it blew in with vengeance. Within minutes there was an inch and it stuck to everything. I love that the horses seem oblivious to it and while I walked around brushing myself, Kairos just watched with curiosity. Where was Zephyr? Zephyr is Greek for the gentle god of the west wind. Perhaps the weather was too much for gentle Zephyr...... Well, that isn't really true. Kairos is Mr. Curiosity and needs to be a part of everything and everyone. He just loves to inspect the camera, or anything else for that matter. I thought I was done for the year with snow and winter shots but ya never know which is why my camera is a constant travel companion. There is nothing more rewarding than watching and documenting these fine young windhorses grow up! I have to admit I found a Friesian/paint filly on the internet and I have not stopped thinking about her. I do not need another horse but boy would it make the adventure even more fun than it aready is!

Anyway, it wasn't long before all the horses were running around bucking and playing with each other. It also wasn't long before the sun came back out. I almost couldn't believe how quickly it blew in and out and Spring had returned in all her sunny glory!

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