Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Adventures of Zephyr and Kairos

During one of the last adventures of Zephyr and Kairos, Zephyr would not play nicely with Scooter. He pretended to pass the stick but then ran off, keeping it all to himself.

It appears the stick game has finished and Scooter has Zephyr's attention. He seems to be leaning towards Zephyr perhaps because he has a secret to tell him. Maybe he is saying "Lets go hide from Kairos behind a tree and then we can jump out at him!"

I don't know for sure but judging by the expression on Zephyr's face I don't think he is buying into Scooter's idea.


Totally Timmy said...

Cute picture:)

susan Williams said...

Thank you! There are no bad pictures of young horses are there?